Wednesday, January 13, 2016

KOTA-When Francis Meets Rempah @ Fort Cornwallis

Me and the mental statue of Francis Light

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the latest cafe in Penang: KOTA- When Ferancis Meets Rempah @ Fort Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia and also the oldest structures in Penang. That's how it became one of the well known tourism spot. So I think it's really cool to have a restaurant inside. 

The large dining room windows frame a view of the beautiful garden. It's a very relaxed environment, by matching interior brightness to outside light is another way for the restaurant to keep it's atmosphere relaxed and natural.

And the place is rather impressive and spacious

Believe it or not, Kota is the first restaurant that combined the local taste buds into a fusion style of foods. If you love fine foods as much as I do, you should really try it yourselves. 

Homemade juices are available in two flavors, you can go for your preference

Nutmeg? Ambarella or me? lolll. I would definitely go for the nutmeg for sure, as it is utterly refreshing during hot days. While Ambarella juice (commonly known as Ampula) is served with sour plum, so it taste a bit sour. Priced at RM14.00 per bottle. 

Dancing Goat Coffee

Dancing goat is a kind of hand drip coffee bean from Etophia Conga, one of their best selling coffee. Coffee is something that can be very addictive, so if you love coffee, this is for you. But I am not a coffee person, so I cant tell much about it. sooo sorry :(

The barista was doing live demonstration

The first dish was Briyani, it was really satisfying for an appetizer. The basmati rice really goes super well with the lamb and masala, and wrapper with banana leaf, that we usually call it as pulut panggang. Besides, it come with papadum which is a wafer thin spicy Indian cracker, it can be also eaten as snack! My favourite when I was a kid. 

Hokkien (Rm25.00)

The signature dish itself named as Hokkien, generously topped with blue prawn, shallot, chili,and caviar bisque. The broth was sweet and flavorful to my liking, and it wasn't spicy at all.  

Laksa (RM25.00)

Well the laksa is so different from what you've seen. It is wrapped with rice paper and laksa leaf to give a strong, mint and peppery flavor.Besides that, there's some other ingredients such as kesom, cucumber, pineapple, mackerel, and galangai. You have to dip it into the curry soup base, what a flavorful authentic recipe. yummy!!

Nyonya (RM25.00)

A dish that stood out to me was Nyonya, it is traditionally made with Otak-otak and butterfly pea flower coconut rice,often combined with achar and rendang chicken. Soo mouthwatering, highly recommended!!!

And the last dish was called as Satay! Chicken satay with peanut sauces accompanied by spices, brown sugar, lemongrass and ginger. It was wrapped in ice cubes and I mistakenly thought it was sushi LOLLL. Priced at RM25.00. 

Anyway, if you sometimes have cravings for those Nyonya dishes ( like me!) and want to try something different, I would personally recommend you to Kota! So here's the additional information for you, xoxo!
Kota @ When Francis Meet Rempah, Penang
Address: Fort Cornwallis, Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, 10200 Georgetown Penang
Business hours: Daily 10am-10pm
Contact: 04-2519420

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