Monday, July 18, 2016

【Tips & Tricks】: UK travel visa and flight

I recently returned from a 3 months trip to the United Kingdom and Europe. So I would like to share my travel tips, and I thought you might find them useful. 

I have traveled to 13 countries before this, but I haven't satisfy my thirst for travel yet. So I get my first job just like everybody else does after my graduation. I worked very hard until I managed to pay my own bills, and finally able to finance myself.  I took a year to plan, includes my saving, research, accommodation, transportation, from A-Z. 

My mom initially objected but I still went after my dream no matter how unattainable others think it was. So let's sum it up, I finally flew 3000 miles to England on my own. It was a great experience because life has taught me that nothing is impossible, only you yourself can make your dreams happen. #IMADEIT 

Fly me to the moon



I again traveled to UK by Emirates like 2 years ago, costing me around RM3900. A totally pleasant experience. The services from Emirates remains a constant 5 star. The crew services, the food, the choice of wine, the comfort of the seats, extra leg room, the ambiance and the in-flight entertainment were first rate. Besides, Emirates also provide you a hot towel, pillow, blanket, headset, and 2 meals. 

Talk about being spoiled. Every passenger have a personal seatback monitor, so I was able to watch the latest movie during my flight, and plenty of games to kill my boredom. I flew with Emirates by a huge aircraft. So if you want a comfortable journey, Emirates will certainly will have to be considered. 


Chosen Airline® Emirates
Fares® RM3900 
Service: 5 stars

Before you fly

1. If you prefer a quiet seat, pick the front row.
2. Pick aisle seat if you tend to use the bathroom very often, so you don't disturb the deep sleepers beside you

Up in the air:
1. If you are having jetlag or you couldn't sleep, there will be tons of complimentary alcohol you can order :)

During transit:
1. I transited at Dubai airport. OMG the lounge in Dubai is truly world class lounge, huge and nice. 
2. Unfortunately the WiFi only available for one hour :((

Bonus TIPS: 
Airline change fares constantly, so timing is everything. Start checking as long as you know you'll be flying, if you found a good deal, go for it! I traveled during March, in between February and March is low season. So best advise, book in advance otherwise discount seats are likely to sell out quickly. 

Finding Cheap flight:

Perfect when you are looking for a cheaper flight. Select your destination and dates, here you search for the best deals.


A good "advisor" whether you should buy your flight ticket or wait, and the Explore Feature lets you filter destination by weather, price, flight duration and etc.

A budget travel resources which you can find cheapest and low cost flight.

The best website to travel for free by using frequent flyer miles and credit card points.


I get a lot of message over the months asking me about the visa!

So I am here to answer your question! Before this, I did my research online. I've called 4 travel agencies, I googled, I asked my friends around, and I probably be the most annoying person on earth. However, DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTION! Ask for what you want, ask for help, ask for advice. 

Question #1. VISA- How long you can stay?

You won't need a visa to come to UK, you're legally to stay in UK for up to 6 months.

Question#2. Documents you must provide

1. Return flight ticket : To prove you'll leave UK at the end of your visit
2. A current and valid passport
3. Bank Statement/ Payslip from the last 6 months :  To prove them you have financial support ( Cash, credit card, cheques)
4. Employee letter : If you are employed ( Start date, salary, role, company name)
5. Insurance card : Buy a protection for yourself
6. Driving license: You need an identification in case you are going to casino/night clubs

Once you have the coveted "Visa" stamp in your passport, don't get too excited! You still have one more test to get over before you enter the United Kingdom! And that exactly what I worried the most- The UK Border Immigration Officer. You might be questioned, and if they are in any doubt, the officer can refuse entry and send you home on the next plane. WHATTTTT? 

Question #3. What kind of questions are you likely to face at the border control?
1. The dates you're planning to leave UK
2. How long you intend to stay in UK?
3. What is the purpose of your visit? ( Travel? Study? Working?)
4. Are you working or studying?
5. Details of where you'll be staying during your visit. ( Address, Contact No, and relationship to the person who'll be looking after you)
6. How much your trip cost? 
7. How much you earn in a year?
8. Are you travelling to any other country besides UK?

*Bonus tips: Never carry a job application or only purchase one way ticket. They might suspect you for illegal stay. Most importantly, be confident and make your answer sounds convincing

*Sample Answer: 
"I come here for travel.  I have a full time job back in Malaysia and I am taking a sabbatical leaves to travel. I am staying with my family at [address], meanwhile I will be also travelling to Europe."

To do list before you travel:

1. Check PTPTN Blacklist.
For those who applied PTPTN, you are advised to check your immigration clearance status at: . Internet system is getting widely used now, it's easy to do the checking. When your name is on the list, you will not be able to travel out of the country. So make sure you pay back your loan punctually.

2. Activate your bank card to International Withdrawal
In case you run out of money, you can still withdraw from your Malaysia's bank account.

3. Temporary deactivate your phone line
If you are going for a long travel, and you still want to remain your Malaysia's number. Call to the centre, you can terminate for 3 months without have to pay for your bills.

4. Check the currency

Obligatory tourist photo!

 More red buses please, over Regent Street on a quiet day!

I reached London at night, and I took a cab to my destination. I was dragging my luggage and walking on quiet streets in the midnight. It was exciting because my plan went well. I cant describe the feeling I get the day after I reached London. I cant wait to go to his doorstep and surprise him. Yeah that's the plan.. The moment of reunited is the moment for which I have waited for so long. 

-Westminster Abbey-

London is absolutely beautiful, so may reasons to love London. Definitely worth visiting for a break, also you'll discover so beautiful scenic places you probably dint know existed along the way. This trip has been amazing so far, so please stay tuned for my next upcoming post! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coffee Spot: Mellow Cup Cafe

Penang is a food paradise, people always said that. Yes indeed.  However it ain’t easy to find a good coffee in all the café. Cafes grew rapidly in Penang for the past few years and is still growing, but not all of them serve the best coffee! Last weekend I came across by chance to visit the Mellow Cup Café. Located along Jalan Gottlieb,Penang, this cozy little café work well as a spot for gathering as well as grabbing a coffee. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on food review, but I’ll do my best to share you my best opinion, in the hope that one day I’ll be blogging more about food.

The café is brightly decorated with artwork on the wall, and simply yet modern furniture is open from 10am-11pm daily. 

Interior of the cafe

 Magazine were neatly displayed on the shelves

Coffee machine and dripper

There is something special about Mellow Cup. The café serves coffee by using Moses Chan Coffee bean, from Blooms Roastery & craft tea imported from Hong Kong. Mellow cup offers customers the signature Iced Drip Coffee which using Panama Don-K Kotowa Coffee bean, all served in a glass bottle. Well I am not a coffee enthusiast but I love the taste which the coffee has a sweet-subtle flavor! 

Iced drip coffee

Besides that, they have another iced coffee for your option- Tiramisu Signature to help keep one refreshed especially on a hot day. This is one of my favorite among all. It is truly one of a kind place which serves perfectly brewed coffee, and not forget to mention the top seller as well – The full immersion coffee which using Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute coffee bean. For that aromatic cup of coffee, Mellow Cup uses manual brewing and the pour-over dripper, that explains the countdown timer was places on top the jar. You’ll have to wait for 2 minutes. 
Signature coffee- Tiramisu

Manual brewing coffee

#Grilled Salmon with Japanese Hot Spring Egg

The meal started off with the Grilled Salmon with Japanese Hot Spring Egg. The salmon was served laid on mashed potato with some salad, it gets more and more addictive after each bite! 

BBQ Chicken Skewer

BBQ Chicken Skewer at RM17.80, the taste of chicken marinated with bbq sauce was very tender and juicy! 

 Seafood Tomyam Spaghetti 

Look at the huge prawns

Highly recommended this Seafood Tom Yam Spaghetti, a combination of spaghetti and Thai Tomyam sauce and prawns! It is a Thai fusion dish of sweet, spicy, zesty flavors that Yunice and I adore. Price at Rm20.80 only. 

 Chocolate Egg Yolk Lava Cake

What better way to welcome the weekend than having a good dessert? The chocolate melt goes fantastically well with the egg york. I love it! Overall, the good coffee with reasonable prices make this a perfect coffee spot.

Mellow Cup Cafe
Address: 11-4-G New Bob Center, Jalan Gottlieb, Penang
Tel: 012-9373213

Business Hours: 
Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-11pm, 
Friday-Saturday: 10am-12am, 
Sunday 11am-10pm


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