Sunday, August 21, 2016

How I saved RM20k for travels in 10 months

How I saved RM20K for travels in less than a year? I was inspired by a travel blogger from Boston. Before I start, let me ask you a question. Have you every thought of travelling to somewhere else or having a long vacation? Of course you have, we all do! In 2015, I decided just to do that.

I took a year to plan everything. My aim was to reach RM20k in less than a year which included my living expenses, transportation and foods. I mainly budgeted my airfare around RM3k, travel insurance RM500, passport renewal RM200, and the balance in my bank account those are my living expenses. 

I was told that RM20k is never enough to survive in UK/Paris. However, I have this to say,  Yes it is more than enough!". I am going to show you how I did it and I am completely 100% honest. I started with very little savings since January 2015, 10% of my full-time income was transferred to my savings account every month. I was a fresh graduate, I have bills to pay just like everyone else, a lot of bills.....:(( 

Monthly expenses:
  • Car loan
  • Medical Insurance
  • Phone Bill
  • Education loan
  • Foods
  • Shopping
  • Petrol
Let me reveal my saving tips now!

Tip 1. Make money as a blogger

I am often asked how to make a living from blogging? There are many ways such as ad space, affiliate income, products or services. That's how I got paid for every blog-post I've written in the past few years. So I managed to save approximately RM250-RM1000 per post as long as I keep on writing. 

Hotel Review

Food Review

Beauty Review

Grand Opening Ceremony

Tip 2. Freelance copywriter

Freelance, means I am working independently and I usually work from home.  I was employed on a freelance basis to develop advertising concepts. Freelancing is good as a side hustle to make extra money, this is how I managed to earn another extra RM1k every month. So figure out what you are good at, and work on it. 

Please contact me if you're looking for a Chinese copywriter:

Tip 3.  Start saving plans during Chinese New Year
What could be a better way than using the red packet money to kick start your saving plan? LOL. A lot of FREE cash, from here you can probably collect minimum RM1k, more or less. 

Tip 4. Online business
Online business might seem like an easy task? But NO. I hate to break it to you, nothing good is ever easy. Starting an online business could be very tough because of hyper-competition. But I was lucky enough. There's a short period I was selling limited edition Batman's touch & go card, and the responses were surprisingly good.  I managed to earn a total of between RM400-RM500 from my 5 days sales. 

Tip 5. You have to contribute to the saving plan on a regular basis 
No matter what, no matter how. If you plan to save RM1000 every month, be determined.The amount of saving cant be any lesser than the previous month. I did have strong determination though, and that gave me discipline. I saved a minimum of RM1000 per month no matter how. 

Tip 6. Don't spend on unnecessary items
Saving money ain't easy, the temptation to spend is everywhere and to save money takes determination. I was committed, I stop spending on branded stuff and I tried to cut down a lot on entertainment. Instead of shopping, I often choose to be at home and work to keep spending to a minimum.

"Put it back....." 


Tip 7: Refer to my previous post!
Make good use of those online website to search for the best deals, cheaper flights and hotels. CLICK HERE More websites that can help you save more will be updated on the next post, so keep an eye on it! :)

Tip 8: Investment
Investment is the fastest way to earn, but make sure you find the right one. There's no entirely safe investment, if you cant stomach any risk, then you probably shouldn't be investing. Here's my advice: Just invest in small amount of money which help you to accumulate your wealth. But PLAY SAFE and be wise.

Tip 9: Get FREE accommodation if possible 

Don't get me wrong. I am not asking you to stay over in stranger's house! A big NO. Unless if you are lucky to have some friends/relatives in overseas, it's going to be cheaper staying with them. So to all friends in UK, from the bottom of my heart " thank you" for your gracious hospitality during my visit.

You don't have to be rich to travel the world, be smart and spend wisely. 

Well I am not saying that my tips are the best of the best But if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below! Last but not least, like our page @twofootstep and share our post! xoxo. 


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