Sunday, October 23, 2016

Go Visit London: Top 3 Hidden Gems

I have so much to share about my adventures in London and it would be impossible to write everything in an article. So yeah, welcome to Part 2!

Let's start off with London. As everyone knows, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace are the main highlights of the city. And many tend to forget there's many other hidden gems in London that you should actually go and explore! To make your trip truly unforgettable, check out these places that people don't even know they were existing. The best thing? Most of them are free to visit, meanwhile you can discover a different side of London off the beaten path. Although I've been to London several times in the past, but exploring London is never enough for me. I'd still wish I could pay more visits in the future. 

1. Sky Garden
Just as it's name suggests, Sky Garden is located on floors 34-37 of the building offering you the best panoramic view in London. A very spacious rooftop garden offers 360 degree uninterrupted view across the city of London and beyond.  There was also a cafe bar serving tea, coffee, cocktails with some pastries and muffins available too. Well, the entrance is totally free but booking is required to guarantee a decent slot. Just head over to their website for your reservations. 

I wandered around the semi-tropical greenhouse garden,  it was very refreshing indeed. After months of cold weather, summer is finally here and London is back with glorious sunshine. Somehow, being an indoor garden, of course the flowers and trees can be kept in bloom all year round in whatever season. 

TIPS:  Whether it be a for a little cocktails, a cup of tea or just sit to watch the world go by, I would recommend you getting a seat near to the Shard window. It was brilliant to see London from this view point, as you'll see all of the famous London landmark and everything look so small from Sky Garden. Wonderful experience! :) 

2. Portobello Road
-Beautiful colored row house- 

OMG OMG! I definitely love hanging out in this place. Portobello Road is famous with its market and charming little stores, selling everything from vintage clothes to artwork and accessories. You can see all the colourful houses lining the way down to the street, I can't get my eyes off from these pretty pastel buildings. On almost every corner you'll find a street performer singing on the street and playing with guitars, it is a live street music experience. I think I wouldn't mind living here forever, I love them all, I want them all. 

How to get there?
The main tube station is Notting Hill Gate, which is easily accessibly via the Central circle and District lines. It's pretty easy, just take the underground from anywhere and hop off at Notting Hill. 

Portebello Market
Address: Portobello Road, 72 Tavistock Road, London W11 1AN
Public Transport: Ladbroke Grove Station

3. Little Venice
I couldn't believe that this unique place actually existed. With all those colourful canals and typical houseboats, you can spend hours- a lifetime exploring it, as it is vast and fascinating. Whilst there, you can talk a walk or either take a boat trip along the canal. Despite being a beautiful area with stunning view, not many people visit. The area was quiet and uncrowded. 

How to get there?
It is a short walk from the tube Station (Warwick Avenue) to Little Venice approximately 5 mins.

I used to dream of living in a houseboat lol.... and I still do.. Wish I own one of them. Who knows? Maybe next time I'll get a small boat, or not..

Little Venice
Address: Maida Ave, London W2 1ST, United Kingdom
Station: Warwick Avenue Station, then walk 5mins to Little Venice

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  1. I was told that London is a very expensive city. But, I am sure, that if you managed to go there, you will get unforgettable emotions.


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