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People always say the grass is greener on the other side, just like people always think they would be happier in a different set of circumstances. Is that true?  I don’t know yet because I’ve never been to Japan, not even once. In so many ways I wish I could just be an ordinary girl who travel to this place and escape from the reality. I used to dream of moving to Japan or about seeing the world with just a backpack. 

I want to travel to Japan, to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, and to explore everything new. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, I don’t want to learn about the country from Google, I don’t want to see the pictures of Japan from Internet. Sometimes, it’s just not enough. 

Be there! Be there and try out their Japanese cuisine made with world class Japanese ingredients, toast with sparkling sake, visit the impressive Kabukiza, do a kimono fitting, to check out the unparalleled mass transit system and many more that I can count. They have things we don’t usually have in Malaysia, such as the coolest vending machine. How about the toilet in Japan? Can a toilet really be bucket list worthy? In this case, yes!  I have totally no idea how ‘s the toilet work as a spa for your private parts. And this is the reason why I should be there to experience it, instead of imagination. Japan is big and urban, I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I’ve never been before.

5 signs you've never been to Japan

  • You don't know these toilet are surprisingly advanced, music can be play to relax the user's sphincter
  • You haven't tried the best salmon in Japan 
  • You haven't enjoy the fresh Maki and sushi in a traditional wood sushi house decor
  • You never wore a kimono before
  • You never seen a sakura

Noooooooo. I got all the signs........I NEVER BEEN TO A JAPAN

For me. What Japan really is?
A place where Totoro, Pikachu were born! A place with sushi. That's all

And the reality is, Japan is a lot more than that!
If you have one last chance, you must at least go once in a lifetime.

What if I was given a  chance by Traveloka to travel to Japan, here are the things I'd like to do:

  • Travel with my best friend and sharing our inspiration, check out the most beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom: Sakura! #Friendshipgoals
  • Sky diving in Japan
  • Try out their spa and public bathing as Japan is a volcanically active country with an abundance of natural hot springs
  • I will be doing a short film and video recording all the places I've been in Japan/ new things I get to explore. 
#bucket list 1

We made it once in London, so hopefully we are going to make it in Japan

#bucket list 2

Out of all the trips I’ve taken over the past few years, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Now I get to, because Traveloka is organizing a contest. Not to mention how excited I am when I first saw the contest slogan:” You need a holiday lah”.  The first thought came into my mind: “Yeah I do and I must get my bucket list done before the end of the year if I want to get off to the right start in 2017! 

Unlike everyone else, I am a writer. I write with my passion, lots about my adventures and thoughts, those place I've been and I will be. I was hopping Japan are my next destination and I write what inspires the truth in others :) So if you want to know more about Japan, if you want to check out whether the grass are same shade of green or greener, let's hope I got selected as the winner for #MyTravelokaEscapade :)

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  1. Japan is like another world. If you have never been to this country, you definitely should go there. Japan will blow your mind.


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