Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Royal Afternoon Tea by Hwajing Travel & Tours for Star Cruise Libra

Remember that, happiness is a way of travel, not destination. Imagime yourself been treated like a royal on the star cruise if you book your holiday package with Hwajing Travel & Tours. Now everyone can enjoy the best trip on board with the most affordable price, I really cant wait to share this good news with all of you! Now, follow me.

Hwajing Travel & Tours launches the first ever "Royal High Tea " Onboard Superstar Libra today. Not only just me, you're able to enjoy the extradinary cruise holiday experience with your loves one, at the same time each of you'll get to enjoy a complimentary special treats when you book your 4 days 3 nights packages! Oh my god, that's very exiciting and I couldnt asked for more. What's now? Let the countdown to holiday begins!

All you need to do is to grab your bag, and go onboard with Hwa Jing Travel and Tours. You can skip all the complicated itinerary as they literally arrange everything for you from A-Z. Exclusively brought to you by Hwajing Travel and Tours, you'll be offered to travel from Penang- Krabi-Phucket-Penang with only RM1200 onwards. Unique from other cruise packages, the Royal High Tea Onboard Superstar Libra is also specifically custom made for each of you.

Everyone loves to be acknowledges and to be treated like a vip. When you first entered to the lobby, you'll be greeted and welcomed by the whole team of butlers. Better still, I'll feel like a vip with this personalized services. Often, its not abou the luxurious but the customer experience that makes you feel truly valued. 

I would like to thank Mr Kenny Cheong, the managing director of Hwajing Travel & Tours for invited us to the launching of Royal Afternoon Tea.He also shared his insight about the "Royal High Tea" concept. " British Royal Family is known for its elegance and refined culture in enjoying high tea. This is an important social activity for the royals as it represents the status, identity and wealth of the participants. The British High Tea often consists of black tea, fine porcelain tea sets, clean white tablecloth, three-tier dessert stand and exquisite British refreshment.” presented by Mr Kenny. 

Oh well high tea is not just for ladies, but men as well. Spend your time and learn to enjoy a good times by rewarding yourself a majestic and distinctive of afternoon tea on board!

The table settting is beautifully decorated and the Royal High Tea set is very well presentable, just like what you would expect from a 5 star services. The pastries and cakes come in a tiered stand, consists all sorts of savory and sweet desserts! Starting with the basics, this delicious meal consists, in its sinplest form, of sandiwches, scones with jam and cream and cakes 


Prawn Fritter, Savory Quiche, Baked Mushroom Mini Pie

Hors d'oeuvre
Mini Ratatouille on Tart, Smoked Salmon on Brioche, Aloo Vada on Prata Bread, Smoked Duck on, Mini Baguette, Camembert Cheese on Rye Roll, Tuna Mousse on Croissant Roll, Spiced Squid with Caramelized Onion

Sweet Temptation
Cup Cake, Fruit Tart, Red Velvet, Cheese Cake, Crème Brûlée, Rainbow Macaron, English, Fruitcake, Scones with Jam Marmalade

The combination of wonderful food and perfect presentation really makes an afternoon tea. Additionally, with a nice teapot also one of the key that makes the whole set look great. 

Oh yea did I forget to mention that the Royal afternoon tea session is exclusively only for Hwajing Travel & Tours customers? You get to enjoy this refillable afternoon tea session within 2 hours! 

Various tea selection ranging from Pure Peppermint, English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Pure Greentea 

So what are you still wasting for? Don't miss your chance! As a Hwajing Travel & Tours guest, you can enjoy an array of special treats designed to make your vacation even perfect! 

Hwajing Travel & Tours (Penang)
15A Rangoon Road, 10400 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04-2293566

Hwajing Travel & Tours (Kuala Lumpur Headquarters)
Block N26
2nd Floor Warisan Cityview, Jalan 3/93A
Batu 21/2 off Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-92002929


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  3. I always dreamt to take a cruise. I am sure, that it would be unforgettable. Unfortunately, I don't have an opportunity to do it now.

  4. The rest in this place becomes more enjoyable thanks to the so-called bonuses. It is great that everyone can get delicious tea and dessert while traveling


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